Welcome to Walter - A short history of good taste 12.12.2021

In a notebook, yellowed with age, between hundred-year-old chocolate stains, we see the handwritten note of chocolatier Hugo E. Walter: "Ginger jelly sticks large roller Zitter IV 12". These machine details may, for the uninitiated, be quite incomprehensible. But if you follow their trail all the way back to the... read more

Originality in wrapping gifts: The HOLZRICHTER guide on how to give leather bags as gifts 01.12.2021

Wrapping gifts in an original way can be an art – after all, only originality shows dedication and gives the personal touch to that special gift. Whether wrapped in paper or in a gift bag - there are many creative ways to wrap a present. You will be especially successful... read more

How HOLZRICHTER got its name 18.06.2021

Two generations agree, a bag changes hands, and a Berlin label is born: the HOLZRICHTER story.Producing unique pieces in leather is our passion. The traditional craft of the bag-maker, hand-picked leathers, vegetable tanning, high-quality metal components: It is precisely these details that build on each other and make a really... read more

Travel bags on the trail. A day with advertiser Michael Kittel in Kreuzberg 11.06.2021

Since the company was founded, the leather weekender travel bag has been considered one of the most manufactured items in the collection, making it a favorite companion of frequent travelers worldwide. But where do these journeys lead and who are the people who take them together with our bags? As... read more

Five Café Insider Tips in Berlin Mitte (Unpaid Advertising) 10.06.2021

Whether it's for a coffee in the cold season or refreshments in the summer, Berlin's cafés embody the Berlin lifestyle with their diversity and offer opportunities to meet up with friends or relocate your workplace.In the following article, we, the team of HOLZRICHTER Berlin, would like to share our favorite... read more

Care advisor: How to make your canvas bag wind and weather resistant 10.06.2021

Everyone knows that moment when you look contentedly at the tried-and-tested and yet feel the curiosity to dare something new. This thought led us to add a fascinating material to the existing collection: Waxed canvas. The result is a first-class collection that combines premium leather and robust canvas. To ensure... read more

Better leather, more experience. The advantages of a bag made of natural leather at a glance. 10.06.2021

Whether it's a weekender travel bag, briefcase or shoulder bag – the production of a high-quality leather bag starts with the right choice of material. A reason to critically question the quality of the selected leather. Because too often, as a consumer, you don't have an overview of why certain... read more

On the trail of New Work: In an interview with Berlin founder Viktoria Lindner 10.06.2021

Berlin is characterized by a fascinating scene of young individualists; they determine the image of the city and are not afraid to go their very own way. But who are these characters? In our "Made for Originals" series, we introduce Berlin originals and accompany them on their very individual journeys... read more

Packing your travel bag for short trips: helpful hints and tricks for freezing cold and rainy weather 30.06.2018

Europe is in the grip of a bone-chilling cold spell or a bout of severe weather. The Brits called the recent weather depression the "Beast from the East". You’ve also had enough and just want to leave? Perhaps you are headed to discover the city this weekend with your partner... read more

Leather care instructions: this is how a leather bag becomes an heirloom! 29.06.2018

"Leather grease", "leather oil", "leather conditioner" – the sheer number of different leather care products can lead to desperation. "Which product should I use? " Whether it’s a weekender travel bag, a briefcase or a shoulder bag – one usually gives careful consideration to buying a real leather bag, therefore... read more

Which one is the right size for me? 6 tips for finding the ideal leather weekender travel bag 29.06.2018

Choosing a leather travel bag is something we usually give careful consideration to. Whether you are buying it as a gift for your loved one or to add that "special something" to your own wardrobe, the leather weekender is an exceptional investment that will be rewarded through years of faithful... read more

The first HOLZRICHTER travel bag: a reminiscence by Alexander Korduan, CEO & founder of HOLZRICHTER Berlin 29.06.2018

Every mission has a beginning. A chance encounter can have unexpected consequences. This is exactly what happened to Alexander Korduan, founder of HOLZRICHTER Berlin. When he encountered the "first Holzrichter" weekender, as we call it, he felt the desire to manufacture modern leather classics at a fair price, under transparent... read more

HOLZRICHTER leather for truly one-of-a-kind pieces 27.06.2018

HOLZRICHTER leather is vegetable-tanned leather. This is a fundamental aspect of our quality principles (>>). HOLZRICHTER leather guarantees an environment-friendly process free of harmful chemicals for a clean and safe tanning method. This is what makes our leather particularly safe for humans to use as well as nature-friendly. It is... read more