Packing your travel bag for short trips: helpful hints and tricks for freezing cold and rainy weather 30.06.2018

Europe is in the grip of a bone-chilling cold spell or a bout of severe weather. The Brits called the recent weather depression the "Beast from the East". You’ve also had enough and just want to leave? Perhaps you are headed to discover the city this weekend with your partner... read more

Leather care instructions: this is how a leather bag becomes an heirloom! 29.06.2018

"Leather grease", "leather oil", "leather conditioner" – the sheer number of different leather care products can lead to desperation. "Which product should I use? " Whether it’s a weekender travel bag, a briefcase or a shoulder bag – one usually gives careful consideration to buying a real leather bag, therefore... read more

Which one is the right size for me? 6 tips for finding the ideal leather weekender travel bag 29.06.2018

Choosing a leather travel bag is something we usually give careful consideration to. Whether you are buying it as a gift for your loved one or to add that "special something" to your own wardrobe, the leather weekender is an exceptional investment that will be rewarded through years of faithful... read more

The first HOLZRICHTER travel bag: a reminiscence by Alexander Korduan, CEO & founder of HOLZRICHTER Berlin 29.06.2018

Every mission has a beginning. A chance encounter can have unexpected consequences. This is exactly what happened to Alexander Korduan, founder of HOLZRICHTER Berlin. When he encountered the "first Holzrichter" weekender, as we call it, he felt the desire to manufacture modern leather classics at a fair price, under... read more

HOLZRICHTER leather for truly one-of-a-kind pieces 27.06.2018

HOLZRICHTER leather is vegetable-tanned leather. This is a fundamental aspect of our quality principles (>>). HOLZRICHTER leather guarantees an environment-friendly process free of harmful chemicals for a clean and safe tanning method. This is what makes our leather particularly safe for humans to use as well as nature-friendly. It is... read more