Originality in wrapping gifts: The HOLZRICHTER guide on how to give leather bags as gifts 01.12.2021

Originality in wrapping gifts: The HOLZRICHTER guide on how to give leather bags as gifts

Wrapping gifts in an original way can be an art – after all, only originality shows dedication and gives the personal touch to that special gift. Whether wrapped in paper or in a gift bag - there are many creative ways to wrap a present. You will be especially successful when your packaging is personalised and somehow matches the nature of the contents. In the following, we present you with a few simple tricks on how to pack a HOLZRICHTER with natural materials in a stress-free and stylish way.

The right details are key

There is a wide choice of colourful and patterned wrapping paper. For tastefully wrapped gifts, why not avoid gaudy Christmas patterns and use a paper with subtle colours and restrained motifs. Sturdy wrapping paper, for example, is beautifully plain with its clear surfaces, making it ideal for individual decoration.

Portemonnaie beim Einpacken

HOLZRICHTER Berlin Wallet No 9-1 cognac

Convincing side effect

Paper coated with plastic may be a real eye-catcher at first glance, but it is practically non-recyclable. Recycled wrapping paper, on the other hand, conserves our environment's natural resources and, in combination with the right ribbon, becomes a stylish yet environmentally sustainable alternative. Organic cords, wool or even fabrics radiate a timeless aesthetic and testify to understatement and durability. If you want to add a little extra, small fir branches, dried fruits or flowers round off the overall picture. One tip: Lavender and eucalyptus also emit a very special fragrance. With these simple materials, gifts can be creatively wrapped without unnecessarily harming the environment.

The classic fold

Smaller gifts with geometric shapes, such as a wallet Portemonnaie or one of our laptop sleeves, can be easily wrapped in paper and decorated with a string. First you need to cut the paper. To do this, place the gift on the paper with at least 3 to 5 cm distance to the edge and unroll it out until you have a generous paper area for wrapping. You will probably need around twice or three times the area of paper compared to the bag to be wrapped. The glued edge should be placed centrally at the bottom of the gift. Now fold each end of the gift into a tapered angle and fold inwards at the tip to create a neat edge with no visible cut in the paper. The ends should now be protruding to form a trapezoid. You fold these carefully and attach them to the back of the gift. You can now tie the gift with wool or cord, which is also handy for attaching some twigs or greeting cards.

Wrapped Christmas Gift

Make the difference

You can now give your gift a special touch with creative embellishments, individual details and personal greetings. For example, draw simple patterns on the paper with a white pen or write small dedications on it. A few carefully chosen words or small poems, like the ones people used to write to each other, still work wonderfully to complete the perfect gift wrapping.

Christmas Gift

Skillfully packaging a HOLZRICHTER

For larger gifts such as shoulder bags or toiletry bags, gift bags are a creative packaging option. To make them, all you need is scissors, paper and a little tape. First cut a long piece of paper. The diameter of your gift bag will end up being about a third of the length of the paper. Now fold over the top edge of the paper twice to make a border about 1 to 3 cm wide.

This will be the opening of your gift bag. Then tape the two sides of the paper together on a narrow strip to create a kind of tube. You now smooth out the tube on the table and fold the bottom quarter upwards. You then have to "open" the folded part by folding the top layer back onto the table, but leaving the other folded. You will now have two triangles on the sides. Press everything flat so that the two triangles overlap on their long side, thus enclosing the tube. To finish, fix the overlapping areas with tape. For further stabilisation, fold the two pointed corners of the triangles inwards and fix them. Now you can set up the bag, fan it out and place your gift inside.

Last but not lease

Of course if you want to give your gift a particularly personal touch, a few words of your own are indispensable! Individual greeting cards, small poems and some tender or humorous lines can trigger a great response and are sure to be remembered.

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