Which one is the right size for me? 6 tips for finding the ideal leather weekender travel bag 29.06.2018

Which one is the right size for me? 6 tips for finding the ideal leather weekender travel bag

Choosing a leather travel bag is something we usually give careful consideration to. Whether you are buying it as a gift for your loved one or to add that "special something" to your own wardrobe, the leather weekender is an exceptional investment that will be rewarded through years of faithful service and shared experiences. One of the most common reasons for why bags are returned to us is that they were the wrong size. To help you find the right style straight away, we have put together a short but helpful catalogue of questions and advice.

1. Do you want to use the bag on flights?

If you need the bag primarily for airline travel, you should make sure that it will qualify as hand luggage. As a rule, HOLZRICHTER bags marked with an "M" are allowed in the cabin. On occasion, our size L weekenders are also cleared for "boarding", but it is recommended that you check with the airline and enquire about restrictions. Sometimes it pays to ask other travellers about their experiences of how strictly the airline luggage rules are being enforced. All HOLZRICHTER bags can be checked in as normal luggage, just like any normal suitcase! Don’t worry – a well-crafted piece will wear its scratches with pride and survive the hardships of the journey without coming to any harm. And you can lock your weekender with a lock available separately to protect it against thieves.

2. Short trip or world tour?

Decide on which clothes are essential on your trip and whether a mid-sized travel bag (M) will not perhaps suffice. A mid-sized travel bag (M) is recommended for all journeys and trips lasting less than three days. If you require a larger wardrobe on your travels, including for example several pairs of shoes, you will find a that the large bag (L) will better fit the bill.

3. What about other luggage?

If you are using the bag as an addition to other pieces of luggage, it can be assumed that it will be at your side most of the time as a repository for valuables, your tablet computer, smartphone and wallet, and to have the travel documents ready to hand. In that case the size M weekender is perfect because it will, for example, easily fit on a trolley case.

4. Are you planning to use the bag on other occasions?

Do you want to use the weekend bag as an everyday bag or for sports? A HOLZRICHTER size M weekender would then be the best choice.

5. A leather bag for women or for men?

No doubt about it, a HOLZRICHTER weekender is the ideal travel accessory for both women and men. But although the carrying strap is exceptionally comfortable, women should not have to carry heavy weights on long marches, which makes the size M travel bag the right choice. Is the man at her side responsible for carrying it on long journeys on foot? If so, that is perfect and calls for our large weekender (L) – which will really hold almost anything you may need.

6. The best piece of advice.

We assume that you already own a travel bag or weekender which has accompanied you on your travels so far. If you are still not sure about the best size for you, a comparison using a tape measure could provide the answer. The measurements for all HOLZRICHTER products are given on the product page.